Walking through the Costa Brava: from La Fosca to Cala Estreta

La Fosca, Cala s’Alguer, Platja de Castell, cala Estreta : unforgettable places

La Fosca

The walk offers to discover, between Fosca and cala Estreta, what is perhaps the most beautiful chaplet of coves and beaches of the Costa Brava. There are not many places like this one. All these wonders are located north of the town of Palamos.

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La FoscaLa Fosca

Start from la Fosca

Departure is from the beach of la Fosca. The photos of this beach were taken one morning by beautiful weather. It is a beach resort town, very pretty. We move to north, following the coastal path easily. We let at our right the ruins of the castle of Sant Esteve de Mar and we bypass a pine forest, the Pineda in Gori.

La Fosca


Cala S’Alguer

In front of appear some fishing huts. We follow the path and we cross through the fishing village of Cala S’Alguer, some houses dating back to the sixteenth century. This small white white village with the gates of color is wonderful.

Cala s'AlguerCala s'Alguer

Platja de Castell, Iberic village and the Foradada

Then we walk to a still very wild beach, Platja Castell. This is one of the few beaches on the Costa Brava (the only?) located in a natural area. Not a single house in the back of the beach! You can see some natural marshes in the background .

Platja de Castell
We need to walk across the beach, in all length. At the end of the beach, we go to the Iberic village of Castell (archaeological excavations) on a promontory that offers beautiful views of the beach of La Fosca and beach of Castell. On the other hand, we see the cave of Foradada, holed stone that allows a path through, for the kayaks.
la ForadadaLa Fosca

Crossing the forest on the seafront

The path then enters into the forest. You have to climb to get closer to the ridge overlooking the sea There are several paths. I took the one nearest the sea, that seemed to have the best views. We are just above the Esculls of Seniars (tip).

La Fosca

Cala canyers and cala Corbs

From here, the climb to the Puig Gener (small cave) is pretty rough. The trail then skirts some houses, and after a descent, we find a great path we follow a few tens of meters (we turn right before the first wall of property). From here we reach the sea to Cala Canyers and Cala Corb. Between both, a promontory offers splendid views. The path passes in front of properties that are seemingly very beautiful.

La Fosca - Costa Brava

Cala Estreta

Finally, the « camins rondo » brings us to the sublime cala Estreta with its sand and its rocks. From there, follow the beach. But what beaches! Remendon, Cala Roca and Cape de Planes. There on the promontory, one of the most beautiful view on Formigues islands, which accompany us in the marine landscape for some time.

Cala Estreta

El Crit

The last part is by stairs (sixty steps, with the last a little rough). Finally we reach El Crit, the end point of the promenade. We can undertake the return by the same heavenly coves.

Cala Estreta el crit

Return by the Barraca d’en Dali

After leaving (reluctantly) Cala Estreta, we take a path on the right which leads to a parking and forest road. At the car park, turn left and follow the road. We find a common way with the first part, but continue straight into the forest. After the climb, the trail descends gently. A fork shortly after the start of the descent takes us to the last curiosity of the walk: The Baraca to Dali. Funny door anyway! We then resume our journey to find the main trail that leads directly to the Platja de Castell. From there, follow the path until Fosca is a breeze.

baraca d'en Dali

The total duration of the trip is 4 hours (2:30 to go, 1:30 to return). We takes time to really enjoy an extraordinary landscape. (I personally take a lot of pictures!).

times indicative

  • La Fosca :0 h
  • ruins of casttle sant Esteve de Mar:15 mn
  • Calla d’Alguer:25 mn
  • Platja de Catsell:38 mn
  • Ibéric Village :1 h
  • Esculls de seniar:1 h 30 mn
  • Cala Corbs:1 h 50
  • Cala estreta:2 h 07
  • El crit:2 h 45
  • Cala Estreta:3 h
  • Parking:3 h 05
  • Barraca d’en Dali:3 h 18
  • Calla d’Alguer:3 h 35
  • La Fosca :4 h


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