Restoring the mosaics of Empúries

The mosaics of Empúries, delicate treasure

A restoration of the mosaics of Empuries was conducted in August and September 2013. The mosaics on the site of Empúries are outside, on their original location. This requires periodic restoration to erase traces left weather, although the mosaics are protected in the winter months.


The mosaics of Empúries are concentrated mainly in the Roman part of the site. They decorated one of the houses »domus » of the elite of the city. The architecture and decor of this house are modeled on the italics houses with a traditional central atrium. They are the reflect of the decorative techniques of private buildings from this period that were found in the center of the Italian peninsula. These mosaics are among the most interesting relics for visitors on the site of Empúries.


A recurring high precision intervention

The mosaics on which the intervention took place this year are two of the greatest ornaments of the main parts of the « domus ». A team of three restorers worked for this totally manual intervention. The work consists of removing traces of ancient interventions, apply protection biocide treatments and replace the missing shards, to deliver a harmonious vision of these works. In the area of ??the mosaic, the absolute accuracy is required to put the small pieces to their original location.
There are still several floors to restore in the underground parts. This work is done every year for the conservation of the rich heritage of the Greeks and Romans, in order to expose Empúries in the best possible condition. Recall that only 15% of the surface of Empúries been searched to date. It is certain that the Roman city still hides many mosaics.

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