Pals, Costa Brava, charming village in the hinterland

Pals on the Costa Brava, beautiful village

El Pedró, the old quarter of the medieval city of Pals is located a few kilometers from the Mediterranean, in the heart of the Costa Brava. To visit Pals on the Costa Brava, nothing like strolling through its medieval streets. This is a historical must-Costa Brava, with lots of charm.


Stone heart of the Costa BravaPals

The enclosure Gothic of Pals unveils to the tourist, pretty cobbled streets lined with houses of nobility. The village stands on a hill surrounded by a marshy plain, now occupied by the famous rice culture. The view of the valley of Ter and the Montgri hills from the « Josep Pla mirador » allows the look to kiss a beautiful landscape ranging from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean and the Medes Islands.

A rich history, an unrivaled heritage

The first documents mentioning Pals date back to the ninth century, when the castle was built. Because of the incessant wars that ravaged the region for centuries, only the defensive construction of this tower is still standing. It is a Romanesque circular tower built between the eleventh and the thirteenth century. 15 meters high, it is based on a natural rock platform. It is also called the Tower of the Hours (Torre de las Horas) since the fifteenth century, it served as a belfry. The walls also will carry the tourists in the Middle Ages. You Can do fully around the village. Four square towers of the twelfth century are still standing: Ramonet, Rom, and lo-Xinel Hospital..

A magnificent restoration

The restoration of the village took more than thirty years. All houses comply with the architectural features of the rest of the city, giving a unique unit to the enclosure. Pals is characterized by its cobbled streets barred by arches and lined with facades with arched windows and stone balconies. The streets of Pals will reveal as Gothic arches and medieval burials. A portion of the stone castle was used for the construction of the church of Sant Pere, which dates from the tenth century. Plan Romanesque apse and nave are Gothic, while the gate and tower are Baroque. Other points of interest are Plaza Mayor, Calle Mayor burials, as well as the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.


What to bring back from Pals?

In addition to the wonderful memories that leaves you the village, you can bring back the crafted chocolates, a few bottles of wine Emporda,- there’s permanent exhibition that will allow you to discover the history of wines and cellars from Catalonia-, and of course some rice grown at the foot of the village, which is one of the great jewels of Catalan cuisine.


Just near the beaches of the Costa Brava

The town of Pals also has one of the largest beach on the Costa Brava, which extend the many coves of Begur. That is, near a golf course, that is our house.

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