Gala, Dalì and Púbol : The Sanctuary of Gala, the refuge of Dalì

« Gala, Dalì and Púbol » is the latest chapter in the wonderful story of the painter and his muse.

The castle of Púbol

Located in the heart of the village of Púbol, this fifteenth century castle was bought in 1970 by Dalí. He gave it to his wife Gala for her to spend the last years of his life outside the hustle and bustle of Cadaques. Gala Dali promised a palace, but when he bought the castle was in poor condition: the ceilings collapsed, walls cracked from side to side and neglected garden gave an overall romantic look seduced both Dalí they tried to keep it.


The couple restored the house in a intelligent way, taking advantage of walls and ceilings half destroyed, creating unusual spaces. Salvador Dalí undertook the decoration of the garden as well as other parts of the castle, as demonstrated by the preparatory drawings that have been preserved.

Gala, Dali and Púbol: a home Pubolfor her, decorated by him.

The interior’s decoration is based on the baroque textiles, ornamentation painting, trompe-l’oeil, antiques, romantic character symbols … Dali drew two chimneys curved shape, made G Gala on the doors, to make it clear who owned the property and painted several works specifically for the castle: a large oil painting entitled path Púbol (1971-73), the rosette ceiling of the Hall of ecus, a false door and two radiators, a metal sculpture of Gala and other small tables spread throughout the house. In the English garden, we find some heads of Wagner (favorite composer Gala) around a pond, while between the trees we can see amazing sculptures of elephants.




Dali’s Elephant in the Garden Púbol


Gala Dali and Púbol: the final resting place of Gala, Dali’s last painting.

Gala died in Port Lligat June 10, 1982, at age 88. Her last trip was in the Cadillac which today is still in the garage of the castle. She was buried in what is called the Hall of the tithe. The place is intimate, secret and moving. Two horses, a giraffe and a rabbit are watching over his grave.

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