Figueres Dalí Theatre Museum

The Figueres Dalí Theatre Museum is the largest surrealist object in the world

The name of the Figueres Dalí Theatre Museum comes from the decision of the Catalan master to create the museum in the former Municipal Theatre Figueres XIX century. This is not a hazard of being able to admire this marvel in Figueres because this is the birthplace of Dalí. The project was developed in the early 1970s, and in 1974, the renovation of the building was enough advanced so that the Catalan genius was able to work directly on the project.
Figueres - Figueres Dalí Theatre-MuseumThe Figueres Dalí Theatre Museum is a work of art in itself, conceived and designed by Salvador Dalí. It should be seen as a whole, because everything has been conceived and designed by the artist to offer the visitor a real exciting and unique experience.

« I want my museum to be like a single block, a labyrinth, a surrealist object. It will be totally theatrical…the people who come to see it will leave with the sensation of having had a theatrical dream. »

Source : Jordi Puig et Sebastià Roig, triangle Dalí Ampurdan, Triangle Postals, 2004

This museum is probably one of my favorite places. There is a special atmosphere from beginning to end of the tour: everything is original, from the architecture to the room layout. It’s really a fun dimension. The richness of the collection is simply incredible. Even if you do not particularly like the art, I highly recommend visiting this museum if you get the chance!

A good overview of Dalí’s work

There are the old Dalí works of which the most notable are: Port Alguer (1924), The Spectre of Sex Appeal (1932), Soft Self-Portrait with Fried Bacon (1941), Poetry of America-The Cosmic Athletes (1943 ) Galarina (1944-1945), The Bread Basket (1945), Atomic Leda (1949), and Galatea of the Spheres (1952).

Figueres Dalí Theatre-Museum - Tête de Vénus Otorhinologique

Tête de Vénus Otorhinologique

Figueres Dalí Theatre-Museum - La femme au pain

La femme au pain

Figueres Dalí Theatre-Museum - hommage à Newton

hommage à Newton

And a lot of work that Dalí was specially designed for the Theatre-Museum: The famous Mae West room, the Wind Palace Room, the Monument to Francesc Pujols and the Rainy Cadillac.

Figueres Dalí Theatre-Museum - Mae West room
Mae West room

Figueres Dalí Theatre-Museum











There you can finally find works by other artists that Dalí wanted to expose in the museum: El Greco, Marià Fortuny, Modest Urgell, Ernest Meissonier, Marcel Duchamp, Antonio Pitxot and Evarist Vallès …

Theatre-Museum , the tomb of the master

After Gala’s death in 1982, he went to live in Púbol, then returned to Figueres after a fire in the castle of Gala in 1984. He will live until his death on 23 January 1989, in the tower topped by the eggs, adjacent to the museum, Torre Galatea , he named in honor of Gala disappeared. He is buried in the crypt of the museum, with gominée mustache, embalmed and dressed in a tunic hit the marquis crown, embroidered with a frieze depicting the double helix of DNA, symbol of Dalí’s eternity.

Figueres Dalí Theatre-Museum

The museum still bears powerful testimony of the vitality of Dalí’s work, of the freedom of his pictorial expression and of its breathtaking inventiveness. The amateurs are not mistaken, who constantly rush to visit. Which you plan or spend your holiday on the Costa Brava, you can not miss this extraordinary place of culture.

For practical information, the website of Dalí Theatre-Museum: https://www.salvador-Dalí .org/museus/figueres/en_index.html

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