Coves of Costa Brava : Illa Roja

Illa Roja, red pearl of the Costa Brava

Here are some pictures of today one of the most famous cove on the Costa Brava, Illa Roja. Some claim that it is the most photographed of the Costa Brava. In any case, this is probably the one that offers the greatest range of colors. Bright red rocks, the whole range of ochres, and of course, the azure blue of the sky and the sea.
This nudist beach is protected by a big red rock, which gives it its name. The Illa Roja beach is frequented by locals and tourists who want to get a full tan or like to swim naked. Naturists find here an intimate little beach (120 meters long and 30 wide).

Begur Illa Roja


The small rocky headland, Punta Espinuda, about 6 meters tall, between Illa Roja from the beach of Pals, is a favorite spot for people who want to make big jump in the sea. Sometimes some teenagers flow directly the rock of Illa Roja, but this practice is discouraged.

Begur Illa Roja
The beach is illa roja on the coastal path (camina rondo) that begins from the beach of Pals and goes to the cove of Sa Riera. The path crosses the cliffs and allows for great views over the Medes Islands, the beach of pals, the hills of Montgri, the cove of Sa Riera and of course the rock Illa Roja.
There is another way to access a small car park which is located on the road between Playa de Pals and Begur along the coast.

The beach illa Roja has no services. In the evening, the beach is quickly bathed in the shadow of the cliffs. So, attendance is especially higher in the morning and early afternoon.

Begur Illa Roja

Begur Illa Roja Begur Illa Roja













Well, I grant you, in the month of August, the beach is more crowded than in the pictures. But Illa Roja is one of the most beautiful coves in the area, and is a place where you can easily try naturism.

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