Costa Brava on foot: the walkway (camina rondo), from Playa de Pals to Begur Sa Riera

The easiest pedestrian path on the Costa Brava?

To discover the Costa Brava on foot, I offer a short walk and very accessible. To discover the Costa Brava on foot, I offer a short walk and very accessible. It can even be done from home in Playa de Pals . You can (must?) even take your towel, because it connects the Pals beach (Playa de Pals) to the largest cove of Begur (Sa Riera).

The first part is to reach the beach of Pals , south entrance.

Begur Illa Roja

Then just take the right hand side and follow the beach until the end. There is the beach of El Raco, the northest beach of Begur.

Illa Roja

Then go on the rock to reach the beach Illa Roja. This small cove bears the name of large rock that divides the beach in two. Surely one of the most famous rocks of the Costa Brava. The small beach is reserved for naturists (hence the towel is indispensable, but not the shirt).

Begur Illa Roja

To continue the walk, follow the rock (cliff climbers attention to often at this point), then take the stairs that make us climb to the top of the cliff. The views of the sea are breathtaking. The path then flows gently to the beach of Sa Riera.

Sa Riera

It is the largest coves of Begur. We are lounging on the sand, next to the fishing boats that still occupy the southern part of the beach. There is also a small cove in the south (the turtle beach) which allows for more sun, but beware of sea urchins.

Sa Riera beach is equipped with showers and you will find some shops back to buy tanning cream or refreshing drinks. I write today as the gray northern France (mixed rain and wind) while thinking back to this wonderful place. What a comfort!

 Begur - Sa Riera

Maps to help you discover the Costa Brava on foot

You can continue on the walkways that run along the sea again until the next cove of Begur. To return, reverse path. Skip the inside has no interest on foot. Bike, he must love the climbs. Of course we can bring the car to Sa Riera. But beware, the car parks are very popular, especially in high season.

I presented the places in the form of Google Maps on this blog. The general map of the costa Brava allows activities to locate geographically around the house in Playa de Pals.

Walking, swimming and relaxing: the secret of a successful holiday?

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